July 22, 2017

I just watched a Ted Talk where Daniel Ganama said “offense is taken not given.” 

So why are we offended?  I have been working to live an offense free life.  I work with homeless women.  I have been called names, accused of things, yelled at, had my car vandalized but these things don’t offend me because it is really about them, not me.  For me to take offense there must be something I believe to be true in their words or actions towards me.

Hold on……

Just think about it.  How often are we offended by the way someone acts because we believe they must be mad at us?  When so often it isn’t even about us.  They are having a bad day, they lash out.  I am not saying it is right for them to lash out at us but must we be offended? If we were really looking at them with love we would see they are hurting and it’s all about them.

What offends you?

What is it about that, that you take offense?

Think about it and maybe even talk with someone about it.

This is not easy and when I do feel offended I go inside and see what is really going on.

Try it….

I Dare you!!