July 31, 2017

So much stress, so much anxiety, how do we rest?

I’ve noticed people lately saying “my anxiety” actually identifying with it, owning it.

Anxiety will wrack your body with pain and your mind with tormenting thoughts. In order to level our anxiety we have to acknowledge that it is fear.  Mostly fear of the future, things coming up that you believe you cannot deal with. Things that “may” come up and you fear you can’t deal with them.  We can change our anxiety by changing our thoughts.  Simple right?  No it’s the hardest struggle I have had to deal with.

Fearing I can’t pay the bills, or that my foster grand baby will go back into an unsafe situation, or that I am not enough. The list goes on and on.

Changing my thoughts means acknowledging them and admitting they are fear.  Fear is not of God, whether you are a Christian, Muslim or New Age,  fear is not of God.  So we must change our thoughts. The thing about our thoughts is we don’t even know that we are thinking such harmful thoughts.  So we purposely and intentionally changing them.  When you feel the anxiety coming on, know it is fear, tell God you trust him.  Say it over and over if you must. “I know you’ve Got this God. He says He will meet our needs, He will, but when we fear He won’t…we can attract/manifest just that.. then we blame God.

Manifest thoughts of life and problem solving, even if you don’t believe it yet say it!! God I trust you, I surrender!

There are so many things we can do to ease anxiety but sometimes we say we hate it but we love it and it serves us, sometimes we want to suffer.  We think we deserve to suffer, maybe it’s all we know.

When you are tired of suffering, there is help, you have everything you need inside of you.

There are breathing exercises,

Ten Minute Zen

EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping

Questioning your thoughts (the Work)

You can always get meds or use natural pathetic remedies, these help but lets do the work that goes along with the meds.

When you choose to take steps to get rid of anxiety, it will want to come back, you will even look for it like an old friend.  But keep doing the work, then living with out anxiety will become the norm for you.

Try it!!

I dare you!!