Did not see that coming

hope for the single parent

As a single parent so many things seemed like a blur.
How will I make it?
Where will the money come from?
How do I find resources?

Now as I look back on those years I don't remember the details but i remember that we made it we ate, we had clothes, we had a roof over our heads.

This is a platform to share glimpses of my life as a single parent as well as stories from others who walked the same path

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what readers are saying

If you are a single parent just trying to get through another day,  this is the book for you.  Laurie tells her story and includes the stories of other single parents that will encourage and validate the struggles of going it alone.  You will laugh, maybe cry but most of all you will see you are not alone in this journey.
Patrick Snow ~ Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

Did Not See That Coming is an honest look at single parenting.  A refreshing way to look at the sometimes heartbreaking struggles that are part of going it along
BJ Farish, author of Shattering Your Barriers

"If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."  Did Not See That Coming teaches us that even in the midst of our most unimaginable circumstance, we can survive, thrive, live and even laugh.
Kurt Eby, author of Getting an A Without Trying

This warm, personal book speaks to all women who are trying to do the best they can after the financial and emotional hit of divorce.  Each person’s experience is unique, but DID NOT SEE THAT COMING: HOPE FOR THE SINGLE PARENT provides strategies and examples for getting past the myriad commonalities for so many women living in the nearly impossible situation of single parenthood.  Laurie Hardie uses her own story to comfort, inspire, and motivate others working their ways toward good lives for themselves and their children.  This is not another how-to manual; nor is it a check off list of tasks for becoming perfect.  It is a gentle guide for  living, self-care, and forgiveness during a tough time that affects too many mothers. 
Heather Stark, MPA,
Author, “Why Doesn’t She Just Leave? Real Women, Real stories”

Growing up and being raised by a single parent, I believe Did Not See That Coming is the guidance one needs to embrace their role as a single parent! My hat goes off to Laurie for writing a book with such rich content and one that can be used by single parents for years to come!
     "Did Not See That Coming" is many wonderful things for single parents: a reminder, a torch, a beacon, a boost, a balm, but most of all a keepsake. For as we go after our dreams we will encounter bumps and sometimes potholes in the road. That's when Laurie's words will pull us forward, refuel our passion and keep us moving toward the fulfilling lives we seek and deserve. Therefore, keep it nearby because repeated readings are advised. 
Flora Morris Brown,Ph.D.
Author, Color Your Life Happy: Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You DeserveCoach,

“Even though I was the ‘single parent’ only on designated weekends and summer visitations, I look back and think how helpful it would have been back then to have had your book and your wisdom. Thanks in advance on behalf of those whom you will help.” 
Don Burrows, author of Résumés That Resume Careers

Did Not See That Coming is a reminder that even when we think we have nothing to give, or no way to help.  There is always something, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to offer others.
Chris Bledy ~ Author of Beating Ovarian Cancer

The next time you feel like you have nothing to give, no way to help, nowhere to support, pick up ‘Did Not See That Coming’  and receive a reminder that even when life is in a dark moment, there is always something, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to offer others.
Randall Broad, author It’s an Extraordinary Life – Don’t Miss It

Did Not See That Coming - Hope for the Single Parent serves several purposes at once.  It provides a lifeline to the overwhelmed single parent, struggling to make sense of a new reality. It guides you through the scary steps to regaining your balance. The friendly, comforting style makes you feel like you're talking to a sister or best friend.  This is a must-read for all newly single parents -- and even the not-so-newly single, too.
Jennifer Harriman, KOMO News Radio

Did Not See That Coming is a fresh and practical approach to what single parenting is all about. Laurie has truly done a great job in encouraging and coaching other single parents with strategies that work! Actually, this book is a must read for all parents!
Ian S. Lavine, Th.B., Certified Behavioral Consultant - Cayman Islands