laurie hardie

speaker - author - coach 
radio personality

Laurie Hardie is a genius at making something out of nothing.

She has a BA in Social Services, is a Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Director, and has 30 years of experience in broadcasting.  Along her journey, she's had to call on every single one of those skills to survive.  When life throws rocks, she builds castles.

Laurie raised three children and 89,542 animals on an island in the Pacific Northwest.  After coming out of the closet while the kids were young, her husband took all of her best clothes - and cemented her status as Single Mom.

This is when Laurie learned first-hand what it means to live in community.  While working for Big Brother/ Big Sister and other volunteer organizations, she developed her skills as a coach, gardener, crafter, seamstress, writer, and speaker.

A noted author, speaker, and broadcast personality, Laurie now resides in Everett, Washington.

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